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About Us

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Prosel Metal’ Glass Partition Systems combine quality and efficiency and bring flexibility to the use of the space. We believe that everything should start with the right design. The best way to reach the right solutions is to bring together products that meet the customers' wishes. The combination of Aluminum, Glass and Wood offers flexible, robust and modern solutions for your projects.


It enables you to reach the right solutions in your architectural designs that we have developed with the latest technologies. Prosel Metal is the best way to achieve the expected quality and economy in your projects with partition wall systems developed in international standards. The static structure of our profiles has been strengthened and high technology has been used to reach thin sections.


As Prosel Metal, we offer various solutions with different harmonies of glass and wooden components in your architectural projects. With our experienced staff, it is our principle to be with you in the process from the project stage to the assembly stage. It is our goal to keep your costs moderate while reaching products that are durable and permanent as they are flexible.

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